Terms and Conditions

Payment Terms

  • A deposit of 20% of the total sale price is required upon confirmation of order.
  • The payment for the balance of the total sale price is due seven (7) working days prior to the despatch date and shall be cleared funds within the (7) seven day period.
  • All payments are to be made by personal cheque, Bank cheque or direct deposit, (banking details can be forwarded upon request).
  • Unfortunately Credit Card facilities are not available at this time.

Conditions of Sale

The Customer and The Company agrees as follows:

  • The Quotation amount shown on quote form will be fixed for seven (7) days from the date of quotation. After that period the Company shall be entitled to amend the order amount to take into account any increases in its standard price list or suppliers.
  • The Company agrees to supply the building described herein and will not be liable for any default arising from faulty workmanship or materials due to or caused by any other person or Company engaged by the Customer to perform work or supply materials in connection with the building.
  • The said goods shall be delivered by the Company to the customer at the address specified herein, and shall be at the risk of the Company until such delivery. However if the customer arranges transport, such risk shall only extend up to the time of loading the goods and delivery shall be deemed to be taken thereupon.
  • Full deposit and confirmation of paid to be received by the Company prior to plans being sent or processing started.
  • Once a delivery date is confirmed, payment is due upon invoice regardless of site accessibility. If the Company or its suppliers are required to store the building additional handling and storage charges will apply from that date.
  • An additional delivery loading charge may apply if an additional delivery is made or delivery date changed at the customer’s request for whatever reason.
    Balance of payment to be received seven (7) working days prior to dispatch date as cleared funds.
  • If the Customer does not pay in full for the said goods before delivery, then such delivery shall be deemed proforma and conditional only, and the customer shall hold the goods so delivered by bailee only and shall upon request being made by the company, re-deliver such goods to the Company to any person authorised by the Company. The Company reserves the right to enter upon the customer’s land to remove the building and goods should the customer not pay the balance of money payable herein upon completion of delivery.
  • Any and all late payments will attract a 16% interest rate, calculated daily from the invoice date.
  • No claim for damages or shortages will be honoured after seven (7) days from delivery date.
  • Claims for any back charges will not be accepted unless received in writing prior to any work being carried out with a full explanation and photo for the back charge. Then the Company will consider said back charge and communicate with you. Should the work be approved and is considered excessive the Company way use its employees or engage a contractor to complete.
  • All orders carry a minimum non-refundable $500.00 cancellation fee.
  • The sale price includes detailed Engineers plans suitable for Council approval. Extra charges may apply if further documentation is required by any local Authorities or private Certifiers to gain building approval.
  • Delivery dates are estimates only and given by our suppliers. Delays can occur due to price rises, steel shortages or manufacturing delays. The Company accepts no liability for late delivery.
  • Orders will not be honoured unless counter-signed by management.
  • The customer gives permission for the delivery driver to access the construction site and accepts that any damage to the ground, grass, underlying pipes and concrete driveways is not nor will be the drivers or companies responsibility, nor will they be held liable for any such damage/damages.
  • Prices shown are subject to local, level compacted site, clear access to site and power. Unless quote shows additional charges for either.

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