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The opportunity of becoming a Steel Sheds Online reseller is available in a number of areas. This opportunity provides you with full backup and support by a team that has been in the industry for 35 plus years. Steel Sheds Online has a very broad product range and provide, garages, sheds, carports, tool sheds, barns, farm buildings, commercial buildings and garden sheds in all shapes and sizes. Becoming a Steel Sheds Online reseller also allows you to take advantage of our buying power and we are always there to provide all the back up and support you want. READ MORE

Steel Sheds Online quality is 100% Australian, run by an Australian business. Therefore you can rest assured all of the materials we use have been tested for our climate and conditions. Our suppliers not only provide us with Australian materials but also provide and excellent back up and support service.

All Steel Sheds Online products are uniquely designed and engineered to meet the latest Building Codes of Australia (BCA) by our Certified Profession Structural Engineer. All of our engineering drawings are signed and certified by our engineer. We do not take short cuts and strive to be the best in our market.


  • Steel Sheds Online will also provide you with an Area that will be yours
  • Steel Sheds Online will not sell product in your area
  • Steel Sheds Online will pass on all website enquiries
  • Steel Sheds Online will provide you with the ability to quote
  • Steel Sheds Online has a uniquely designed building at a very affordable price
  • Steel Sheds Online does not dictate your Retail price
  • Steel Sheds Online allows you to set your own margins

Steel Sheds Online has a number of locations available, so click below and secure yours today

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